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Jose has been great.  After contacting many, I mean many over 12 different AC guys all of them had a solution for my problem I scratched my head about.
Just didn’t sound right.
Some had the goofiest suggestions.
Jose built credibility with me right away because all I had him do was clean the coil of the AC unit.
NOBODY ELSE WOULD.  Everybody’s answer was you need a NEW AC.
Jose did say, you may want to think of getting a new unit in the near future but never tried to sell me on it.
Anyhow, Jose has installed 2 units for me.  Yes, a new 4 ton unit and also a mini split.
I will never use another AC guy as long as Jose lives in S. Fla.
The most honest, trustworthy,hard working kid who truly wants your best interest.
Feel free to write me if you have any questions.

Mike Keeler February 19, 2018