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Closeup of a womans hand setting the room temperature on a modern programmable thermostat.

What is a smart thermostat?

The technology is evolving and we have reached a time where we have smart thermostats. They are the latest trend of household heating, ventilating and cooling technology. A smart thermostat is a device that is used through the home automation services for controlling the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of the house. This device allows its user to control the temperature of their house or workplace for the whole day, according to a set schedule through a device connected through the internet. The idea behind this invention was to make heating and cooling of places more efficient , safe and energy saving.

Functions of a Smart Thermostat?

The users can adjust the heating and cooling of their house without being physically present there with the help of the other devices connected to the smart thermostat system of their HVAC system (Heat, Ventilation and Air conditioning). You could be in your office or enjoying a vacation in Bali but the HVAC system of your household will always remain under your control.

The devices can either be your smartphones or your tabloids etc.

Installation of the Smart Thermostat:

The installation of a smart thermostat is very easy and user friendly. This installation is completed in three steps.

  1. First, the old thermostat is unistalled and the new device is plugged in the system.
  2. After plugging the new smart thermostat, the device is set up. You set up the schedule and temperature according to your preferences.
  3. Your new smart thermostat is connected with your wifi and an app is installed and set up in your smartphone or tabloid according to your preferences.

Benefits of installing a smart thermostat:

This invention has proved to be greatly beneficial, especially in controlling the energy consumptions of the HVAC systems. They also provide automatic recording of internal and external temperatures and also notify their users if their air filters need to be replaced or not. This saves a lot of devices from malfunctioning and increases their lifespan.

Furthermore, smart thermostats leave no room for human error. They record the schedule along with the rise and fall in the internal and external temperature while you are busy performing your daily chores. Some smart thermostats also have more advanced installed, they are able to detect human presence in the room. When the schedule changes, the smart thermostats also gradually adjust to the new timetable and pre-heat or pre-cool the room for when the residents come back home to give them a pleasant and comfortable feeling.

Other than this, a few smart thermostat companies provide alerts on the user’s email address. The alerts are based on the rise and fall of the internal and external temperature. If your device is disconnected due to no electricity, it also notifies that to its users.

This device is a huge energy saver due to its alert services and sensing abilities. Smart thermostat companies like Nest and Ecobee also analyze and keep track of your energy usage and deliver it to you through email alerts.




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