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Residential air condition unit in mulch near a home.

How HVAC regular maintenance programs save business money?

It is 2017 and everything is expensive especially maintaining a business. Everyone wants to save some extra bucks for their business. But it has become really hard in this era. Although, it is not that hard if you know where and how to save. Companies that have chosen their HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems wisely and maintained them on a regular basis have saved up a fortune. The strategy of getting their HVAC systems serviced only when they need to get serviced, ends up costing more than having their HVAC systems serviced daily.  How? Well, this is how it works.

When you change your air filters on a daily basis, it reduces your energy consumption up to 5-10%. This is a very easy task and also the easiest way to save money. These regular maintenance programs promote smooth running of your HVAC system and consume less energy since they need less energy to function. According to a study conducted by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, when you maintain your HVAC system on a regular basis it helps in reducing the repair cost by 40%.

Investing earlier saves you from paying double later. A company should not wait to service their HVAC systems after they have failed working, instead they should use preventive measures to avoid issues of inefficiency in the future. Some companies do not consider investing in their HVAC systems to be important and they end up paying 10 to 20 times more when a major component gets damaged due to negligence. They fail to understand the importance of a good HVAC system for a business. It has been said that when you invest in a good HVAC system and in its regular maintenance program, it pays you back double in the form of lower repair costs and lower energy consumption.  But, the importance of having a well maintained HVAC system is beyond just reducing energy consumption and bills.

Most technicians say that when you upgrade your thermostat programs, you are able to save fortunes. The first and second generation thermostats are not as programmable or as advanced as the ones that are available in the market these days. Hence, they fail to perform the advanced functions and do not have the same level of sustainability. It has been seen that a company has been able to save not only hundreds, but thousands just by upgrading their thermostat models.

Apart from saving your business money on utility bills, it also saves money on your medical insurance and promotes employee efficiency. When you do not maintain your HVAC systems, dirt builds up inside it. This not only clogs your air filters and affects the smooth running of your HVAC system but the dirt also mixes up with the air it produces. The people i.e. the employees end up breathing in that air. This contaminated air can causes allergies and illnesses like flu, stomach problems and common colds. Employees take sick leaves and the work capacity and productivity of the office suffers. Not only a good and regularly maintained HVAC system promotes employee health but also provide them with a good work environment which increases their productivity. So, get your HVAC system serviced daily to save yourself from paying a big amount of money in the future.




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