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HVAC system

HVAC systemThe main goal of your HVAC ( Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is to provide it’s users with thermal comfort and good indoor air quality. So, in order for your HVAC system to perform its functions efficiently and achieve its goals, it must be taken care of and maintained. Here are 6 tips on maintaining your HVAC systems, so you do not have to compromise on your thermal comfort and good indoor air quality.


  1. Check your air filters:
    Neglecting your HVAC system and letting it get dirty are the most common reasons behind its inefficiency and short lifespans. To prevent this, make sure to check and replace your air filters, if not daily then within a reasonable time i,e. once a week, once a month or at the very least once every three months. This will prevent dirt from building inside your HVAC system and also prevent decrease in the air flow.
  2. Check your thermostat settings:
    Verify that your that your HVAC system works according to your thermostat settings. Set a temperature and check if the heating/cooling is according to that temperature and then change the temperature and check again for further verification.Perform this especially before getting it tuned so you can address the technician if this problem exists. This will help the technician know where to look and where not to look for the problem.
  3. Hire a qualified technician:
    Get your HVAC system tuned up every 6 months by a qualified technician. Make sure you hire someone who knows his work to save you from further troubles. You seriously don’t want your HVAC system to be more damaged than before and even get to pay for it.
  4. Cleaning evaporator coils:
    Another tip is clean your indoor and outdoor evaporator coils before the summer begins. These evaporator coils absorb heat from indoor spaces. Having dirty evaporator coils decrease the cooling capacity, increase energy consumption , causes malfunctions in the HVAC system and reduce the lifespan of its equipments and the system altogether.
  5. Keep your floors clean:
    Now this tip sounds weird. You’re thinking, “what does that have to do with my HVAC system’s efficiency?” Take a look at the bigger picture. When you don’t clean your floors, carpets or rugs ; dirt builds up on them and eventually finds its way inside your HVAC system which leads to it being dirty and not performing its functions in an efficient manner. So, make sure that your environment and especially your floors are clean. Always keep the dirt level to a minimum. This will prevent dirt and other unfriendly particles from entering into your HVAC system and will protect its efficiency.
  6. Brush your pets:
    Additionally, if you have a pet, brush it in the garage or your garden regularly. This will stop your pet from shedding hair everywhere around the house and there will be less chance of its hair entering into the HVAC system and affecting its work capacity and efficiency. The hair that your pet sheds, ends of clogging the air filters and ruins the heating/cooling capacity of your HVAC system. Furthermore, the diseases that the hair carries mixes with the air produced by the system and the people end up breathing it which can cause serious illnesses and allergies. You can also prevent this by sealing your HVAC ducts.





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