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Heating SafetyHeating Safety – When our HVAC system is running properly, we mostly overlook the heating and cooling safety issues. But do you know your system can quickly become a safety hazard for you and your family due to damage or inadequate maintenance. To keep your family safe, here are some Heating and air concerns that you should be aware of.

Check/clean/replace your air filters regularly: Any furnace with clogged air filters could leak carbon monoxide fumes in your home. Replace your air filters at least every three months and frequently clean them.

Heating Safety – Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Carbon monoxide has no odor, taste or color and it is highly poisonous. If your system is not adjusted, properly operated and maintained it could produce carbon monoxide.

Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your residence. Don’t forget to change the batteries once in a year to make sure that your device is working properly.

Designate your HVAC room from kids/pets: In order to prevent potential accidents, prevent pets and children from accessing the room that contain boilers, furnace or gas heaters. Also keep your remote controls or thermostat from the reach of children.

Schedule regular maintenance: To keep your system running safe it is important to schedule a professional maintenance once in a year. Having your heating or cooling system inspected and maintained regularly by a certified service expert will advantage the performance, help to ensure safe operation, minimize any potential downtime and enhance the life of your HVAC system too.

Incorrect air filtration can also bring serious problems to your family’s health: One of the most common contributors to respiratory problems and illnesses is poor air quality which can occur due to airborne irritants, dust or allergens. People with underlying respiratory health concerns like allergies or asthma are especially vulnerable. Many serious health conditions can occur due to the poor air quality ranging from minor to severe breathing difficulties and allergic reactions. Regular inspections and maintenance of air filets is essential to keep your indoor air quality safe and healthy for everyone.

General safety tips:

  • Be careful while reaching into the HVAC units or handling the parts. Many parts have sharp edges which can cause severe injury.
  • Follow all the safety guidelines, tips and precautions recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t perform any action if something seems dangerous in your system. Instead Consult with an expert technician from cool express HVAC to assist you in dealing with your system. We do not just provide exceptional and professional services but our Company is also committed to bringing the best heating and cooling solutions with the most affordable rates.



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