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DIY Air Conditioning Repair

There are times when our Air-Conditioning service fails during any heat spell or due to any other reason, and we are then left with no other option than to call a technician. But, wait, a technician and his services can cost you so many dollars so why not fix the problem all by yourself? Don’t worry; you won’t need much, just the courage of working around electricity along with $50 (in case you have to buy the AC parts). Here in this article, we are going to jot down a few DIY AC repairs that might aid you if you’ve to face any such situation.

Start with easy fixes

Never go for complexities, always start from easy because air conditioners are quite sensitive and you never know if the problem is severe or it’s just that you have to restart your system. Don’t panic and rush in such situations, in fact, be calm and try to look for the easy fixes first. Don’t go for opening up the panel of AC directly in fact first try to shut the power off and then start it again. Maybe that will help.

Check the Furnace

If your AC has stopped cooling then first, check for the most common problem and that is the furnace. How to check whether it’s the furnace or anything else that is causing the problem? Well, simply, set your thermostat to A/C and lower the temperature setting, if the furnace fan kicks in then it isn’t the problem and if it doesn’t then try resetting the furnace, and there you go, your problem has been solved.

Buy the Parts

Buying the A/C parts before you encounter any problem is the best thing to do. The major problems are caused by the capacitor or the contractor (relay) of the A/C, especially if your AC is more than five years old, then you definitely should have some extra material to fix it yourself. There are times that the condenser fan motor can also fail and it costs only $150, so it’s better first to identify the problem and then buy the required parts instead of calling a technician.
We hope this article aids you in repairing your AC on your own. Stay connected because we have plenty more to talk about!


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