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Your air conditioner (AC) is an indispensable machine. It provides the much-needed relief in the hot tropical climate of Florida, “The Sunshine State.” Have you ever wanted to know how it works? What are some of the basic maintenance tips? Well, find out all about your AC, and our air conditioning Lake Worth FL repair services.

Basic AC Components and Repairs

Condenser (Outside the Building)

The condenser is the part of your AC installed outside the building. It houses the compressor and fan. The primary function of the condenser is to pump cool refrigerant liquid into the air handler located inside the house.

Once you hit the “on” button, the fan starts rotating, and the compressor starts pumping refrigerant liquid through the coils.

What Can Go Wrong

Refrigerant Gas Leaks

The compressor that stores the refrigerant gas may develop a leak. In this case, the AC will fail to produce cool air on the inside.

Malfunctioned Fan Motor

Similarly, the fan can malfunction. It will not rotate, and you will not hear its usual whirring sound. The air will fail to cool.

Bent Fins

Fins on the surface of the condenser may bend decreasing the surface area available for heat loss. You can fix this yourself. Purchase a fin comb, and straighten any crooked fins.

Air Handler (On the Inside)

Your air handler draws warm air inside the building, which passes over expansion coils with icy cold refrigerant gas flowing in them. The air loses heat and cools. The air handler has the following components: Return air duct, blower, filter, handling unit, evaporator coil, and an outlet air duct.

What Could Go Wrong

Blower Failure

The blower has several components including the motor, capacitor, relay, and control board. If it malfunctions, cooled air will not flow out from the air duct.


The filter ensures that your air is clean, dust free, and crispy. A dirty air filter may lead to a host of problems in your AC. But replacing it is straightforward, and hassle-free.

Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Never forget to use a filter. It is easy to assume that the air is free from dust. If you go without a filter, dust and other dirt will enter the AHU and cover the surface of the evaporator coils reducing their efficiency.

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils can develop several issues. They can attract dust, dirt, and bacteria on their surface. Furthermore, evaporator coils are susceptible to freezing.

This happens when the coils have icy cold refrigerant gas flowing through them, but the air blown over them by the blower is insufficient for heat exchange. Frozen coils also occur due to a dirty and clogged air filter or problems with the fan motor.

Ac Repair Lake Worth FL

AC air conditioners can have a host of problems. Usually, one faulty component is enough to trigger other problems. Thus, it is essential to hire the best air conditioning experts. If you need Air Conditioning Services Lake Worth FL, our technicians can tackle all AC issues.


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