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Air Conditioning

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Reasons your air condition is producing a whistling sound

A great feature of modern day technology is that it is silent.It saves your from all the annoying noises so that you can eat, work and rest in peace. But what does it mean when it starts making noises. Has your air conditioner ever made a high-pitched whistling sound? If yes, then I’m sure you are very worried and a little curious about the reason behind it.

The main reason behind that whistle is that your air conditioning system is not getting enough airflow through its return vents. Your air conditioning system’s blower is basically being starved from the air it needs to work properly. Your air conditioner’s blower functions by circulating air throughout your room. When the blower is not getting enough air or if its airflow is being restricted , it will use more pressure and velocity to function and will produce a whistling sound. The reasons behind the airflow restriction are :

  • The return vents of the air conditioning system are blocked. The return vents are large in size and are located on your ceiling or bottom of the wall. If they are blocked by either furniture or dirt , they restrict the air supply and hence starve the blower from the air it needs in order to perform its functions effectively. To prevent this, make sure your return vents are clean and not blocked from any kind of furniture.
  • The air filters are dirty. When the air filters are not serviced daily or within a reasonable time ( once a week , once a month or at the very least every 3 months) , dirt builds up inside it and it gets contaminated. This restricts the airflow and can also cause overheating problems. The solution is to change your air filters daily or within a reasonable time.
  • The dampers are closed. A damper is a metal device that you can close to prevent airflow in certain parts of the house. So, make sure that your dampers are not closed and are not restricting the airflow. The dampers are located near the inside unit and aligned with the ductwork of your air conditioning system.
  • There is no or less air supply in the room. This usually happens when all the doors in your house are closed and there is no way for the airflow to sneak in. This puts extra work on the blower and hence causes it to produce whistling sounds.
  • Dirt or debris has found its way inside the ductwork. Make sure to get your air conditioner serviced and also clean your floors to prevent any unfriendly particles from getting inside the ductwork.

Sometimes there might be a problem at all. The other times it is normal for your air conditioner to produce sounds especially in the first days of summer. This is due to the fact that your air conditioner is working out some of its kinks and it will stop when it is back in its operating routine. In this case, you only need to worry if the noise remains for more than a normal time and the brevity of the noise increases.

Another thing you might want to check out it that if the belt has worn out. If your air conditioner is old, it might be that the belt connecting the motor to the blower has worn off. If this is the cause then make sure to get the belt replaced by a professional.

So, the whistling sounds are not because your air conditioning system is old, it is due to the fact that your air condition is warning you of a problem.


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