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Air-Cooler – Summers are always rough when it comes to heat and the temperature in some areas can go to 45 degrees too which is obviously unbearable. Here in this article we are going to mention those 4 ways through which you can make your air cooler more efficient.

Ventilation – Air-Cooler

There is a common misconception that states that air coolers work as efficiently as air conditioners do when the area is covered and closed. Well, it’s completely wrong air coolers work on the principle of evaporation, they blow hot air through cooling pads that are soaked in water which is why a smooth air flow is necessary for the coolers to function. Place your cooler in front of a window because the hotter the air is the faster the cooler will work.

Service your Cooler – Air-Cooler

Every cooling or heating product needs to get serviced every once in a month and that is the only way, you can get efficient performances by them. Getting your cooler serviced is one major factor that changes its performance. It’s not necessary that every time you have to go to the technicians in order to get it cleaned in fact, just use a brush and a piece of cloth to keep it clean and remove the dust and pollen that often gets stuck in such equipment.

Saturate the cooling pads

You want to ensure instant cooling? Well, it’s simple, fill the water tank while the pump is running. The pump then runs the water through the cooling pads and soaks them in water completely. This way your cooler will cool the air as soon as you turn it on.

Use the Thermostats

Air-cooler thermostats are always available in the market so remember to buy yourself one, these thermostats turn off the cooler once the air reaches the desired temperature. This way your cooler will perform in a much more efficient way.


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